Top 20 Most Popular First Dance Songs

The Bride & Groom sharing their first dance together signifies the start of a new journey.
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Today on Wedding Tip Wednesday, we are discussing another big question we get asked by our couples. “What should I use as my first dance song?” Well, let me make this a really short post!….There is really no wrong choice! This is your first dance as a married couple!

History of the Wedding First Dance:

The first dance has become a staple tradition in moderns weddings in which the Bride & her newlywed Groom share a solitary dance, usually in front of friends & family. The actual history of the first dance can be traced back to around the 17th century. Back during the times of Lords & Ladies, when a family would give a rich dinner party for their wealthy friends, it was tradition for the host & hostess to share the first dance of the evening while everyone looked on. Afterwards, the rest of the guests were invited to join them.

A little time later, this tradition spilled over into the wedding genre. The Bride & Groom sharing their first dance together signifies the start of a new journey. With so much meaning & tradition behind it, the selection of that most important song to dance to can sometime be a tricky decision. It should not only be a song that speaks to both your hearts, but also reflects the love you both share. Whether that’s a country song, r&b, something classical, or completely off the wall (we have stories!), it should be yours!

The Top 20:

After photographing hundreds of weddings in Oklahoma, Texas & surrounding areas & chatting with our close friend Brady with The Sound, we have compiled a list of the current top 20 Most popular First Dance songs!

This list will differ slightly based on taste, but it will not only give you an idea of what other couples are choosing, but also give you an idea of songs you may not have heard before.

Our biggest piece of advice is to make this moment yours. Think of what song makes you think of each other. What song means something to you more than anyone else?   Enjoy the time together. Have a conversation & just breathe. If possible, have video of your first dance. Don’t worry about your guests. Trust us, they’ll wait.

These next 10 are some of our personal favorites. You don’t hear them at every wedding, but the best thing about songs that aren’t as popular as all the rest is that it means they’ve been selected because of special meaning to the couple! We love that!

Make sure & check out our other upcoming posts on the Top 10 Most popular Father/Daughter dance songs as well as the Top 10 Most Popular Mother/Son dance songs.

We hope we’ve given you a lot of ideas for your first special dance as husband & wife.

Comment below with your favorite song or what you’re using for your first dance song! We love updating our list!

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