Paul & Burkely A Patriot Golf Club Wedding

Paul & Burkely A Patriot Golf Club Wedding

"I never thought She'd find someone who would love her as well as Paul does" - Joseph (Burkely's Dad)

Driving home from Paul & Burkely’s wedding, we honestly didn’t want it to end! We looked at each other & said we wished we could have a couple like them with a family like theirs every weekend. Being a part of their amazing day was such an honor, but more than that it was so fun! Paul & Burkely had a “We’ll do whatever you want,” kind of attitude. For us, that means amazing photos! From hiding behind doors, to climbing cliffs, to running out for a double rainbow, to standing in the pouring rain, they loved every second of it & so did we. Hearing Burkely sternly tell her mom..“Don’t look at me because I’ll cry!” Or telling her dad, “No! You said you wouldn’t cry, now I’m gonna cry!” showed us what an amazing bond she has with her family. Paul tried to hold it together in front of his guy friends, but couldn’t help himself when he hugged his mom after putting on her corsage or while his bride to be was reading her note to him. 

If you judge a couple by their family & friends, then Paul & Burkely are the couple to beat! People didn’t just show up for their wedding, they showed up to celebrate! The party didn’t stop until the last song played & friends & family continued to celebrate even after Paul & Burkely were whisked away! The Patriot Golf Club was their perfect backdrop! To say the staff were hospitable & caring is a vast understatement! Paul & Burkely were treated like royalty! Let’s not even talk about the food! We can still taste the main course!

Britney their wedding planner & her planning crew had every single detail nailed down to the last second! Burkely never had to ask or worry for anything! We love when everything flows, & Paul & Burkely’s wedding tops them all! We LOVE when the lighting is bright & flowy & when our couple is playful & loving, but our hearts absolutely melted every time Paul pulled Burkely close! He is head over heels & she has found her prince!

Yes they climbed a rock face for these gorgeous photos!

Three Generations of ladies. Burkely, her mom, & her grandma. Another legacy is starting

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