How to write personalized wedding vows in 10 minutes or less even if you’re terrible at writing

How to write personalized wedding vows in 10 minutes or less even if you’re terrible at writing

Your day is coming fast and as excited as you are there’s one thing that still makes you nervous…. Writing your vows! 😩Not everyone has the gift of writing so if that’s you, read on.

Today we’re going to share some tips on how to write amazing vows for your wedding day even if you hate writing. Whether you plan to read your vows at the alter or share them personally with each other during your first look, taking the time to make your vows to your future spouse personal to you will enhance the emotion and feelings of your day

Follow each step below and use words and moments that are special to you:

1 – What this moment means to you:

Even if you don’t express yourself in words alot, take a few minutes and reflect on what this day means to you. It doesn’t have to be a long paragraph, a few meaningful sentences are better than just rambling.

“Sarah, I am so excited to be your husband and start our lives together. Loving you means I never have to face another day or challenge alone…”
“John, I can’t believe we are finally here in this moment! Standing here with you is the best moment of my life…”

2 – How you felt when you met your fiancé:

Remember that moment when you first saw them or met them? Remember those butterflies 🦋 you felt? That’s what drew you to them and talking about that moment will help guide you in the future when you’re facing a challenge.

“From that first time I saw you at the coffee shop, I knew you were special. I knew I had to meet you. I’ll admit I was nervous but I couldn’t help myself. I knew you’d be a big part of my life….”

“I’m so glad I went to that party with my friends. I remember seeing you across the room and hoping I could find a reason to talk to you. I felt like such a dork but you looked at me with those eyes and I was done…”

3 – A funny or thoughtful moment in your relationship:

Vows are based on your history together and promises you make for the future so these first three steps involve reliving your history together. Now, take a second, and tell about a special moment in your relationship that means something to you. It can be funny or super sweet. Extra points if it’s both.

“Every single moment of our relationship has been better than the one before. When my grandmother was sick, you were there to comfort me and hold my hand. I knew at that moment, and I even told my mom, this was the girl I was going to spend my life with…”

“Every moment has been so fun. I still can’t believe I threw up on that roller coaster and you still asked me out again!…”

4 – How they lift you up or push you forward:

Whether you used a serious or funny memory, now you can change gears and focus on sentimental by describing a few things you’re fiancé does to build you up. We all need reassurance in life so telling them how they help you not only reassures them of your love, but also let’s them know you see their efforts. (This will also encourage them to continue their efforts in the future 😉)

“You are always there for me when I need it the most. You make me laugh, you encourage me to try harder, you make me a better man. I wouldn’t be the man I am today if it weren’t for you…”

“That’s what I love about you. You see the best in me even at my dorkiest. You don’t judge me for how I act or who I am, you love me for being me. I can truly be myself around you…”

5 – How you plan to lift them up or push them forward:

Now it’s your turn to make your promises. This part should be easy. You know your fiancé better than anyone. A great tip is to speak to their love language. See our upcoming blog about finding your and your fiancé’s love languages.

“I promise to love you throughout our whole lives. Whenever you’re serious, funny, mad, or even when you throw up! I will only make eyes at you and I will always be there to push you forward…”

“I will always be your partner in crime. I will face anything life throws at us hand in hand with you. I will honor you as my husband and do anything I can to help you succeed…”

6 – End with a quote, scripture, or something personal to you:

You can skip this section if you would like and simply end your previous statement with, “I love you,” but a good closing will stay in your mind for years. Finding a special quote, scripture, or something special to you will help seal your vows and let them know how you feel.

“A wise man Once said, ‘Being in love will cause you nothing but trouble, so your only option is to either stop loving that person or love them a whole lot more!’ Sarah, as I stand here today soo totally and completely in love with you, I can’t think of a better future than loving you a whole lot more and overcoming every challenge and trouble we face! I will always be your rollercoaster buddy. I love you!”

“Ecclesiastes 4:12 says, ‘one may be overpowered, 2 can defend themselves but a cord of three strands is not quickly broken.’ John, today we are becoming that three strand cord. With God as our head and you as my husband, there’s nothing that will tear us apart. I am so grateful to become your wife and I look forward to our lives together. I love you forever and always.”

There you have it. Take a few minutes to fill out each section step by step and you will have a beautiful vow written that will touch your fiancés heart and help seal that moment in your memory for a lifetime.

Comment below any questions you have or if you’d like info about our wedding photography services for your day.

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