Zink Park Engagement Photos || Tulsa, OK || Sean & Alicia

Zink Park Engagement Photos || Tulsa, OK || Sean & Alicia

Zink Park Engagement Photos:

Zink Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma is anything but boring! There are 4 different levels of the park & forest to explore & capture some amazing Engagement Photos. Filled with tons of trees, steps, water & greenery, Zink Park is a one of kind jewel that has to be experienced.

Sean & Alicia:

Sean & Alicia have to be one of the cutest couples we’ve ever met! Sean serves our community as a Tulsa Police office while Alicia is a school teacher! Sean tells us about how they first met:

Sean – I was on patrol working the graveyard shift & I had a short break between calls for service. I found Alicia’s profile on Match.com & immediately thought she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. After finding Alicia’s profile, I was dispatched to an alarm call & immediately liked Alicia’s profile so I would be able to contact her later. I arrived on scene to discover that the business was secure & the alarm was sending out a false signal.

I was conversing with my backing officer about how beautiful Alicia was when she sent me a message on Match.com thanking me for my service as a police officer! I immediately messaged her back & we kept in contact from then on.

I started to fall for Alicia from the first moment i saw her picture, & when I finally got to hold her in my arms the feelings continued to grow. Everyday my love for Alicia grows stronger. This is something that continues to this very day. When you meet someone right, they truly put into perspective what love really is & what it should feel like. I have never had feelings for anyone like I do for Alicia.

Alicia – From the moment Sean & I first met, we were immediately inseparable. All of his nights off were spent with me, even though our days were completely opposite from each other. He was always trying to find a way to help me or doing something kind for me.

In June, Sean took a trip with his friends to California. From the moment he pulled out of my driveway to go on the trip, it felt like a part of me was driving away. I knew there would not be a single second I would want to spend away from him for the rest of my life. He had won my heart forever.

All the Feels:

Tell us all about the proposal!! Did you see it coming??!! Was it a surprise!!??

Alicia – Sean & I had discussed that we wanted to spend our lives together several times.  😊 We had looked at rings & picked out one that we both loved. My dad works overseas & is only home for two months out of the year, but Sean wanted to ask my dad’s blessing in person & propose while he was home.

My parents, sister, & our kids, plus Sean & his daughter went on vacation to Branson. Sean had mentioned before we left that he would like to propose while we were there, but on the way to Branson he said that the ring was not ready & the store had to get a few more things finished on it.

Sean had to leave to come back to Tulsa early for work, but as he was getting ready to leave, he asked me to come into the room where my parents, sister, niece, my two boys, & his daughter were. He got down on one knee right there in front of them all & popped the question. He did have the ring after all, & was totally able to surprise me with the proposal. I was so happy!!

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