Woodward Park Engagement Photos || Tulsa, OK. || Shyanne & Austin

Woodward Park Engagement Photos

Woodward Park Engagement Photos:

There are tons of great parks & nature focused places to capture some gorgeous engagement photos in Tulsa, OK, but one of our favorites is Woodward Park. Woodward Park Engagement Photos stand out from the rest because of the diversity you can capture. We usually suggest have 1 or 2 locations to add some difference to photos, but with Woodward Park Engagement Photos, you can get everything you need in one amazing location!

From their gorgeous trees, to the breathtaking Rose Gardens, you can get some amazing moments that you’ll cherish for a lifetime!

Shyanne & Austin:

Shyanne & Austin met in the best of circumstances! Shyanne, usually being an extreme introvert saw Austin & after having a few “liquid courages”, she walked up to him! She told us how it all went down: “Austin & I met at rodeo nightclub in Tulsa Oklahoma. We had mutual friends & he came up to them & doing his own thing, but he hadn’t even noticed me. I looked at my friend Casey & said, “Holy moly girrrllll who is that!?” She just laughed at me. I said, “I’m gonna talk to him & she giggled. I spoke up & I said, “Um, excuse me, but has anyone ever told you that you are so handsome?” He kinda half way smiled out of shock. I was a little tipsy so of course I just continued to flirt. 

When I went to leave He was like whoa, whoa, whoa, where are you going & I told him home because I have to get up early. He tried to talk me into staying, but I wasn’t budging. He asked for my number & I gave it to him. He texted me & I told him to add me on my social media sites so it’s easier to get to know each other. We have been inseparable ever since!”

The Proposal:

Austin:  “I was planning the proposal for like 3 months. I bought the ring & had it for at least a good 3 weeks to a month before I popped the question. That night it was broken arrows football homecoming game. So we went to watch the game & afterwards we wanted to go on our nightly walk. All the lights were off so we decided to go home & watch a movie. So I improvised decided, “I’m doing at home!” Shyanne went to go change into what I thought were going to be pjs. When she came out of the bedroom, I had the lights off, candles lit, & our song playing.

We started dancing in the middle of the living room. As I spun Shyanne, I grabbed the ring out of my pocket & got down on one knee. When she turned around the look on her face was priceless. She immediately started crying. I felt like it was the perfect time but I’m surprised that the ones that knew kept it quiet. I had her mom, brother, niece, & best friend all in on it.”

Shyanne: “I was sooo shocked! So I came inside & went to change to workout clothes instead of jeans. He assumed I was getting pajamas on, I guess, because when I came out of the bedroom he had music playing. He grabbed me & we started dancing in our living room. He spins me & when I get back around he’s on one knee. Yap I lost it. I was like for real!? Are you sure? Omggggg. I was so happy!”

More Info:

We are so excited for September in Oklahoma!! Shyanne & Austin have chosen Rick’s Place in Coweta, Oklahoma for their dream venue!  Stay tuned for their wedding blog!

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