Will Rogers Rose Garden Engagement Photos || Oklahoma City OK || Kristen & Brandon

will rogers rose garden engagement photo

Will Rogers Rose Garden:

Having over 30 acres of flowers, lush trees, paths, & plants, Will Rogers Rose Garden in OKC, OK screams of beauty. No matter where you turn, there is an amazing place to hide & sneak a pic!

Kristen & Brandon:

We are always honored when couples choose us to capture their day! We secretly love finding out about their “story” & how destiny brought them together! Kristen & Brandon have one of the cutest stories we’ve ever heard! Brandon talks about how they met with a big smile on his face, “We met while working at Gordmans at only 16 years old. I was working the stockroom at the time & Kristen was on the Sales Floor decorating for the upcoming holiday season. Kristen, at only 5ft tall, was tasked with getting the oversized 6ft wreaths from the stockroom & taking them to their designated places in the store. When she walked back there, I immediately looked to my coworker & said “dibs”! And dibs I got as we often were scheduled to go on lunches & breaks together on most workdays by coincidence. What started as small talk, grew into playful or silly arguments about who was “better” than the other, & ultimately we ended up on a date/not date for dinner & a movie. Being the smart cool dude I was, I thought nothing would be more romantic than seeing the western “True Grit”. She must have enjoyed something about the night though as we both were texting a mutual friend about the date/not date who was screenshotting our conversations & sending them to the other. We both knew the other was interested, but Kristen was the first to make a move. On January 16th, 2011 we became Facebook official & our young love story began.” 

The Proposal:

OMG Tell us about all the deets!!! How did it happen!!? “I proposed to Kristen at an escape room in Norman called Cracked. I wanted to do something unique that incorporated something with her new job. I thought tracking down clues, & solving a crime involving the heist of expensive artwork would be a fun way to do that. I organized the proposal with the escape room several weeks ahead of time & they said they would incorporate the ring into the puzzle & that it would be the “solution” to the crime. I wanted it to be a surprise so I didn’t tell very many people about it. Cracked told us we could have up to 6 people in the room so I invited both of our parents to be there for the moment. As we were in the room (which is a timed event) we immediately started solving the crime. I was already nervous, but when we were almost out of time I began to sweat. However, Kristen was able to solve the mystery & in her excitement didn’t even realize what was happening. I grabbed the ring from her, got down on one knee, & she exclaimed, “you’re funny,…. of course”. Which I guess is “yes” in her own special way!”

will rogers rose garden engagement photo

Ok, Kristen, did you suspect anything????!! How did it all go down? “We have been together for a while, over 6 years, so we have talked about marriage, spending our lives together, & how many cats & dogs we would have, but I honestly did NOT expect him to propose that day! He had asked me what kind of a ring I would like & we had looked at a few, but I really had NO clue he had bought a ring or had even been shopping for one. We were trying to complete the escape room & I was yelling the final clue across the room when he asked! I was so excited about finishing the room & him proposing that I said “You’re funny, of course” & started rambling on about where the last clue was hidden! He had a dinner planned with both of our families after that & it was perfect. He really surprised me & it felt like a scene out of a movie!”

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