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Vintage Venue:

Vintage venue is a little known gem in the wedding world. Full of history, you might pass it by if you don’t know what to look for. On the streets of downtown Shawnee Oklahoma, Vintage Venue does not fail to thrill brides & families alike. Filled with charm & simplicity, Vintage Venue is the perfect “all in one” wedding venue for anyone who wants a small & quaint wedding! We have included it in our top list of small weddings featured in an upcoming post.

The patio where you can choose to hold your ceremony is both private & charming. The warm brick combined with the pergola roof provide brilliant color & warm atmosphere to say “I do”.

Right behind the venue is classic downtown Shawnee with many alleyways, stairwells & hidden spots to capture a more urban feel wedding portrait.

For the bride who is looking for a smaller accommodating venue for a simpler more intimate wedding, we highly recommend vintage venue for your event. The main reception room still has remnants of the 1900s from the metal ceiling to the vault door still in place. It’s easy to see why Dani & John chose Vintage Venue to join their lives.

Bride & Groom:

Dani & John met through mutual friends, but anyone who attended their wedding knows it was a match made in Heaven. From the moment Dani walked into Vintage Venue until the moment John whisked her away to their honeymoon, the smile never left her face.

There are many love stories that grace the pages of history, but Dani & John’s story tests them all. The shear love & excitement they bring each other is infectious to all who know them. Even while Dani applied her makeup as she dressed for her big day, she smiled with a glow only a woman in love can.

We knew even during their engagement session at the gorgeous Myriad Botanical Gardens in OKC, Oklahoma, these two have a special bond.

Dani talked candidly about when she knew John was her forever after, “When I met John, I instantly loved his personality. He was a strong man who made me smile and interact in a conversation. On our first date, (which I had to ask him on!), we spent every second talking, smiling, and laughing with each other. As he drove us to our destination, I just couldn’t take my eyes off him. I felt at home and in the moment at the same time. I had never opened up to anyone so fast. He never tried to change me or alter my outlook on any subject. After our first date came to an end, we were reluctant to leave one another. We were wanting more time. God has a way of making time fly when you’re enjoying every second He gives you. While lying in bed that nigh after exchanging a hug. I knew that He placed John into my life at just the right moment. It was love.”

The First Look:

Dani & John’s first look was nothing short of pure romance. As Dani touched John on the shoulder & he turned to see his bride, tears filled both of their eyes as John held Dani tight in his arms. The couple chose to see each other before their wedding because of both time & because they wanted to share an intimate moment alone before guests arrived for their ceremony.

The couple exchanged gifts as they spent time together on the patio at Vintage Venue. All John could repeatedly say was, “My God you’re beautiful!”

John said he was so glad they decided to do a first look, not only because of the video that they will be able to cherish for years to come, but mainly because he said he was a bundle of nerves & he wouldn’t have been able to get through the ceremony if they hadn’t.

To read some more information about why we recommend having a first look for your wedding day see our “first look” blog post: Here


Though Dani & John elected to only have close family at their ceremony, they invited all their friends to share in the celebration of their marriage at their reception. Vintage Venue set the perfect stage for an intimate gathering of friends as they welcomed the new couple & wished them blessing on their journey together.

A beautiful table of snacks & goodies encouraged conversation & closeness. As Dani & John laughed at cutting their cake, they revelled in their awkwardness which Dani claims is the true depiction of who they are as a couple. Family laughed as John proclaimed, “I’m sorry I don’t know how to do this properly, this is my first marriage!” A resounding, “I hope so,” trickled through the audience!

As the couple hugged family & bid prepared to bid farewell to this day & this majestic experience at Vintage Venue, they shared one final kiss at the place where they proclaimed their love for God & each other as a symbol of finishing it well.


Highlight Reel:

As a part of their Diamond Label Wedding Coverage, Dani & John get to enjoy all the special highlights from their day in HD! Vintage Venue made the perfect backdrop for their love story! Watch their special day unfold in the video below:

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