Urban Engagement Photos || Tulsa, OK. || Amberleigh & Shane

Urban Engagement Photos || Tulsa, OK. || Amberleigh & Shane

Urban Engagement Photos:

We firmly believe in diversity & contrast with your portraits. Most of the amazing couples we have the honor of serving choose a rustic or nature centered venue for their big day. We often suggest doing more urban engagement photos to provide diversity in your portraits. We believe in the importance & emotional meaning of prints, so all of our Couples have lots of their Memories on their walls. Having a good diversity in your sessions provides a better flow to your decor.

While this is not a hard & fast rule, we have found that choosing a more urban location when you are having a nautrish wedding helps. You can also choose a completely separate location for your bridal session. It can be very nature centered since usually it will be combined into your Handcrafted Memory Book.

Downtown Tulsa, OK is always a great choice for Urban Engagement Photos. There are so many alleyways, street corners, churches with gorgeous architecture, & much more. Amberleigh & Shane rocked their engagement pictures downtown!

Amberleigh & Shane:

“Shane & I actually met online!” Amberleigh Shares, “I had just put my profile up & within 24 hours Shane had sent me a message. That led to texting, then within a week we had our first date at Olive Garden. It was going so well & we wound up spending five hours together just getting to know each other. We’ve been inseparable ever since!”

“Yeah, I was losing hope!” Shane admits, “I had been on a dating website for a few months & after a few reckless dates, I finally met amberleigh. When I first saw her, I couldn’t believe how gorgeous she was! After talking with her, I felt such a strong connection. We talked a lot & got to know each other better that whole date. I felt confident this could be the kind of relationship I had been looking for.”

So Amberleigh, what stood out to you as the one thing that meant Shane was “the one”? “It’s not so much one thing, but I knew we had something special when one week into talking he didn’t so much ask, but told me, I was his girlfriend. 😊 It made me feel cared about & showed how committed he was to me, & seeing where this would take us. He has always supported me & made sure I knew I was loved & that no matter what, he would have my back. That’s the best thing I could ask for in a husband: Support, commitment, & an equal partner. The thing I love most about Shane is his ability to keep me grounded. I easily get stressed & overwhelmed but no matter what it is, Shane has the ability to bring me back down with just a hug, a kiss, a look, or maybe just a few kind words. In my world of crazy, he is my sanity.”

The Proposal:

Shane, how did you pull it off? Was it planned or a sper of the moment kind of thing? “It had been in the planning stage since I bought the ring early in the year. I thought of numerous ways to do it & thought of proposing numerous times, but I wanted to make sure I found the right moment so she could cherish it forever. I proposed to her on Christmas in front of her parents so they record it.”

Amberleigh: “So I first realized he was working on getting an engagement ring probably 6 months before he proposed. I didn’t know what stage it was in, but I had an idea it was at least in progress. 😉 On Christmas 2016 Shane proposed at my dads house as my final gift. I was hopeful it would happen that day when he dressed up a little more than usual, but didn’t want to get too hopeful just in case I was wrong. It was the best surprise & I couldn’t have pictured a better proposal, surrounded by the family most important to me.”

More Info:

We are so excited for November! Amberleigh & Shane are getting married at the dreamy Springs Event Center in Sperry, OK! Stay tuned for their wedding blog!

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