Tulsa Rose Garden Wedding Photos || Tulsa, OK. || Wyatt & Taylor

Tulsa Rose Garden Wedding Photos || Tulsa, OK. || Wyatt & Taylor

Tulsa Rose Garden:

Simply stated, Tulsa Rose Garden is gorgeous! Whether your wedding is in the beautiful Mansion, on the veranda, or somewhere else in the Woodward Park complex, the Tulsa Rose Garden provides the perfect setting for your perfect day!

Here’s what our bride, Taylor had to say about her choice for the Tulsa Rose Garden:

Taylor – Wyatt wanted to include as much Art Deco as possible into the day & I just wanted simple. So we agreed to get ready at the Mayo Hotel in Tulsa & then do our ceremony at the Tulsa Rose Garden. I absolutely loved the intimacy of the Tulsa Rose Garden. We used the bottom levels for the ceremony so it felt really private & special.

After the ceremony we were able to explore the rest of the gardens which boast Grecian columns & true to Tulsa Art Deco details. It really was the perfect location to fit us as a couple. I loved the fountains & the timelessness. Wyatt loved the symmetry & detail.

Wyatt & Taylor:

Your wedding was perfect! Describe the look & feel of your day!

Taylor – If “Simple Deco” wasn’t a thing before, we made it happen. I’m still not sure how we managed to mix extravagance & minimalism but we did! I think the natural setting helped with that. Having such a beautiful backdrop from the get go meant that we could play up the depth of the gardens or down play them. We chose the former & it felt both formal as well as cozy.

OMGoodness! You looked stunning in your Wedding Dress!! Give us the skinny on your decisions for the look & style!

Taylor – From the beginning I knew I wanted something simple, but Wyatt is obsessed with all things Deco. I wasn’t sure how to marry simplicity with the extravagance of 1920’s Art Deco, but when I found my dress at Something Borrowed in Tulsa it really felt like the perfect balance. It’s Grecian influence allowed it to make me feel classic & simple while the attention to detail gave Wyatt that Deco flare that he loves so much.

All The Feels:

We are so honored to be a part of your day & so grateful for Wyatt & his pservice, but tell us, what was one of the most emotional parts of your day & this whole experience.

Taylor – For both of us this day was so emotional. Because Wyatt had been deployed & we weren’t sure when he’d be allowed to come home to Oklahoma, we weren’t really able to prepare for the wedding as I’m sure most couples do.

He did an amazing job from overseas, but for me it just meant anything we couldn’t plan together didn’t matter. This was the main reason we decided to stay small. I literally welcomed him home from deployment less than 36 hours before our “I Dos.” For both of us the most emotional part of the day was the fact that we knew when we woke up we wouldn’t have to say goodbye again.

Each time we’d seen each other previously, a total of 26 days out of the past year & a half, we’d constantly be dreading that email “TIME TO CHECK IN FOR YOUR FLIGHT”, but we don’t have a flight to check in for anymore. We finally get to be together. I’m not sure we believe it’s even real yet.

Wyatt & Taylor had to Capture their Engagement Session quickly because of Wyatt’s impending deployment, but their pictures still take our breath away! See their Engagement Blog post: Tulsa Engagement Session

Wedding Team:

Whether your wedding day is grand or simply being surrounded by close family & friends, the team of people that provide service & help you live your fantasy day is so important. We are honored to have worked with & feature the amazing people that helped Wyatt & Taylor have their special day. See their information below & feel free to reach out to them for your own fairy-tale day:


Tulsa Rose Garden


My Treasured Memories Photography – We are, of course, biased!

Hair & Makeup:

Adney Artistry

Wedding Dress Salon:

Something Borrowed

Bridesmaid’s Dress:


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