The Hidden Porch Wedding – Josh & Elizabeth

The Hidden Porch Wedding – Josh & Elizabeth

Oh man what a day!! It was epic! Driving home from Josh & Elizabeth’s wedding we took a moment to reflect on the day! There was not a single moment of the day where Elizabeth wasn’t smiling! There wasn’t a single moment of the day where Josh wasn’t exited & anxiously waiting to see his bride & start their life together in God.

Thankfully the forecasted storm had held off for another day & the sun broke through the cloud right as the gorgeous couple promises to love each other for a lifetime!

During their engagement session we could tell Josh & Elizabeth had a special relationship & loved each other whole heartedly, but we saw the fruits of their relationship shine through today! As Josh led his wife around the grounds of the gorgeous Hidden Porch venue, he would casually look at her when she didn’t notice, & smile 😊.

We knew by his expression he was thanking God for this day & for the love of his life!! Filled with excitement, he almost didn’t wait for the minister to tell him, “You may now kiss your bride,” before he grabbed her in his arms & sealed their covenant.

Elizabeth enjoyed every moment of their day! Grabbing a hug from every friend & family member, she focused on the man she wanted to spend her life with & the people she loved!

She was so excited to marry Josh, she forgot to take her wedding ring off after their epic portraits so she proudly wore it down the aisle & smiled as Josh quickly removed it & put it right back on!

The Amazing Team from Josh & Elizabeth’s Day:

Venue: The Hidden Porch

Photography: My Treasured Memories

Cake: Ludgers Bakery

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