The Broadway Wedding Photos || Tulsa, OK. || Terry & Shawna

Seeing her rendered me speechless & I began to cry. I couldn't believe how beautiful she was, far exceeding my wildest imagination!
The Broadway Wedding Photos

The Broadway:

The Broadway in Tulsa, Oklahoma is so full of charm & grace. If you’re looking for a more industrial wedding setting, then look no further. Once a chicken processing plant, yep you read that right, it’s been totally transformed into the perfect place to start your forever after!

Terry & Shawna:

Terry & Shawna are one of the cutest couples we’ve ever worked with. Terry is usually quiet, but you can tell how much he loves Shawna because his face lights up when he sees her! Shawna is very reserved & shy, but you could see her nerves melt away when Terry held her in his arms.

Tell us about the wedding dress! Were you surprised?

Terry – I already had a good idea of the overall style of the dress, but nothing could prepare me for what I saw when I finally laid eyes on her wearing it. During the first look, before turning around, I remember taking a deep breath, knowing I was about to see the most beautiful sight I’d ever seen. It was awe inspiring! Seeing her rendered me speechless & I began to cry. I couldn’t believe how beautiful she was, far exceeding my wildest imagination. Her dress was sleek, slim & white with decorations on the sides & an open back. In a word, incredible & unimaginably beautiful!

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The Feels:

Tell us about one moment that meant the most to you:

Shawna – With both of my parents passing, in general it was an emotional day for me. Terry, along with my wonderful friends & family, all stepped up to help make the day extra special for me. One moment I know I won’t forget… brother walking me down the aisle & the moment right before we started that walk. I thanked him for doing that for me, sharing with him how much I loved him & how much I appreciated him being there for me. We both had a very special moment & it truly meant a lot to me.

I also loved the fact that Terry wanted to take a few minutes before the wedding to sit with me & just enjoy each other before everything started. Seeing him in that moment & spending that time with him helped calm my nerves.

HD Video Highlight Reel:

Terry & Shawna’s day is more than just gorgeous portraits! By adding our HD Video Highlight Reel to their Premier Wedding Coverage, they can enjoy moments from their day for a lifetime!

Wedding Team:

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The Broadway


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David’s Bridal

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David’s Bridal

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Jos A Banks


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