Texas Renaissance Festival Wedding Photos || Todd Mission, TX. || Ryan & Candice

Texas Renaissance Festival Wedding Photos || Todd Mission, TX. || Ryan & Candice

Texas Renaissance Festival Wedding Photos:

The Texas Renaissance Festival in Todd Mission, Texas is home to an amazing Celebration! Every October through December, cast member come from all over to delight & wow fans & spectators alike! You’ll be transported into a different time of Lords & Ladies. You can also celebrate the start of your love journey together like Ryan & Candice did.

Different than most traditional wedding venues, having a wedding at one of the many Texas Renaissance venue options gives you a day like no other! Treated like royalty the bride is led through the streets being heralded by palace guards!

Candice tells us about having her wedding at the Texas Renaissance Festival

Candice – The Texas Renaissance Festival is one of my favorite places in the world & it was everything I had dreamed it would be & more. I was sad the vines had frozen in the rose garden, but once we were standing there together nothing else mattered. We had no plans for decorations or additions. We wanted our guests to enjoy the authenticity of the fair.

Candice, you looked so gorgeous & your girls looked amazing! Tell us about your dress & the inspiration for your Bridesmaids.

Candice – My dress made me feel like a princess! I’m not a princess & glitter type of girl normally, & to be honest that wasn’t something I was expecting to feel, but it was perfect. For my girls I wanted something ethereal & they all looked like fairies!

Ryan & Candice:

Candice – The most emotional part of the day started at the “first touch.” It was so loud, there were fair patrons all around staring & we could hardly hear each other, but as soon as he took my hand from the other side of the door, I knew that whatever else happened that day it was going to happen however God had intended our day to be.

Ryan – The most emotional part for me was when I could hear the guard heralding the procession. That was one of my jobs when I worked at the fair so I knew the carriage was coming but I didn’t want to peek through the lattice of the venue.

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