Ray Harral Nature Park Engagement Photos || Broken Arrow OK || Moriah and Seth

Ray Harral Nature Park Engagement Photos || Broken Arrow OK || Moriah and Seth

Ray Harral Nature Park:

Spanning 40 acres located in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, The Ray Harral Nature Park includes not only a scenic jogging trail, but a nature center, an arboretum, & a gorgeous suspension bridge! It is a popular destination for local photographers & families alike! If you want a park like or woodsy setting for your Engagement session, then Ray Harral Nature Park should be on your list!

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Moriah & Seth:

Spending a chilly afternoon with Seth & Moriah is any photography team’s dream! They are a true picture of love & happiness!  All we had to do was ask Seth to make Moriah smile & he immediately spouted some random “inside joke” that made her burst out with laughter! You can see their joy through their photos! Moriah talk about the first time they met even though it wasn’t love at first sight, “We met at a party some mutual friends of ours were throwing three years ago. Seth walked up and had to introduce himself. I turned to my side and introduced him to my then boyfriend. (lol) After months of being in bad relationships, we met up again at our friend’s house. He had me from the second hello!”

Moriah & Seth are proof that if God has a plan for two people, He will move Heaven & Earth to bring them together! Moriah told us that she knew Seth was the right one for her because when she was going through something really tough in her personal life, God and Seth were the only things that kept her going. She truly knew he was he one during this time.


The Proposal:

Their proposal was nothing short of magical! Moriah explains, “I expected it because I told him I bought a wedding dress and that he had better propose within the week or he was a dead man! He’s alive, so we know the result. (lol) Truthfully, I did know Seth was proposing. However, I did not know what elaborate surprise he had in store to pop the big question. One day after hanging out with his sister, I came home to my room filled with balloons and a big sign that said something about a scavenger hunt proposal. He sent me to 6 different locations. Each location had another clue and different friends there waiting to greet me and join in on the hunt. On the 6th location, Seth was waiting on a bridge to propose to me. Filled with overwhelming emotions, I was more than ready to say YES!”

Moriah & Seth are two people who have found each other & are excited to start their “Happily Ever After!” Their silly quirks & inside jokes makes their relationship unique to them! The couple recounts their favorite things about each other, “I love her smile. I love how funny and quirky she is,” Seth explains, “I love all the silly inside jokes we have together. For example, when one of us is tired or cranky, we tell the other they are acting like a real Sea Lion… no B Lion… no A Lion.” 

Moriah fired back with equally quirky but just as endearing remarks about her future husband, “Seth is the most positive person I have ever met in my life. He always knows how to make me laugh. I love his laid-back attitude. Seth has been known to fall asleep in the shower, and I think that is strange!”

As the couple Finalizes their plans for their upcoming wedding they both agree that family is the biggest part of their day! Moriah concludes, “I am looking forward to seeing all of our family and friends. We have a big, loving family and a close-knit group of friends that we really look forward to celebrating with on our big day. Also, I am looking forward to seeing Seth cry as I walk down the aisle. He says he won’t….he will.”


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