Husband & Wife Photography Teams

Yes, it has happened! We hope for the best, plan for the worst, but sometimes you just can’t avoid something going wrong! The minister proclaims, “You may now kiss your bride”, and right when you’re ready to capture that most important moment of the couples’ love story, ugh!! The battery on your camera dies! Sure, you have a backup, it only take 3.4 seconds to swap out and you’re to go, but in those miniscule moments, you’ve missed a lifetime of memories.

This is every potential bride’s worst fear! What has been done to prepare for such contingencies? You start to sweat, but you then look over and see that your amazing wife had read your reaction and stepped in to grab that crucial shot! That unspoken bond that you share with your significant other has captured a moment that might have been  lost otherwise.

Husband-and-wife-photography-teamsWe all know that bond, that unspoken look that signals, “You need to grab your child before he/she embarrasses me in front of our friends!” or “We’ve been talking long enough! Say goodbye, and let’s go home.” If you’re married you are aware of this look! You’ve seen it, you’ve felt it, you know what it means! Seal Team 6 has no code or hand signals to rival the power and clarity of this look!

As Photographers it has been an invaluable tool for us to capture moments that might have otherwise been missed. Now am I saying photographers who don’t work with spouses can’t do as well? Not at all. I’m simply saying in my 10 years of capturing love stories, I’ve never had someone know me well enough to read my every move as my wife. I’ve worked with some amazing 1st and 2nd shooters, but I still found myself having to explain my looks or moments to watch out for in case I need them. Not with my wife. She knows more about me and my looks than I’d like to admit sometimes!


Some things just can’t be taught. There is a definite advantage to working with someone who knows your every thought and move. AS a bride, it would serve you well to inquire about the working relationship of the potential 1st and 2nd shooter to ensure you have a comfort in their ability.

No, you don’t have to hire a husband and wife team to capture your love story, but it doesn’t hurt!! On this, your most important day, you want to know your creative team is working together to capture the moments you will cherish for a lifetime.

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