Gorgeous Hilltop Wedding || Catoosa, OK || Jessica & Anthony

Gorgeous Hilltop Wedding || Catoosa, OK || Jessica & Anthony

Gorgeous Hilltop Wedding:

First, let us just say WOW! We have the honor of working with so many different venues & Wedding professionals, but we can say with no hesitation, Vesica Piscis Chapel has stood out to us for many reasons! Not only do they bring exquisite Old World European Style to your day, endless places to capture some breathtaking photos, packages that take care of every detail of your day, but most of all, the staff are the best hands down! Kyla Barnes, (the banquet hostess) as well as her entire staff were such a pleasure to work with!

As Premier Wedding Photographers in Tulsa, OK we love working with Venues who care not only about our couples, but also care about us as well! From helping us setup the perfect location for the “first look” to giving ideas for certain angles, we love these ladies!

With a view that needs to be experienced, it is well worth the visit! They take great pride in every little detail for your day! Nothing was left undone or forgotten! We could tell the minute we walked into the chapel, they cared about Jessica & Anthony! They made sure Jessica didn’t need anything!

Jessica & Anthony:

If you don’t know Jessica & Anthony & you’ve stumbled across this post in your search for the perfect wedding venue, then grab a cup of coffee or tea & stay a bit longer! Jessica & Anthony have a love story that rivals anything Nic Sparks has ever written. If you know Jessica & Anthony then you know what I’m talking about! Having met each other my happenstance, a chance meeting turned into their “Happily Ever After”. You can read about their amazing love story in their engagement blog post below.

One thing we will say about Jessica & Anthony is they are always there for each other. Their day was threatened by bad weather & heavy traffic, but that didn’t stop Jessica from having the biggest smile on her face when she walked out to meet her groom! Anthony, even though he stayed hidden until their first look, sent texts & messages to his bride to let her know he was thinking about her & this was the greatest day of his life!

First Look:

If you are considering whether to have a first look or not at your own day, then all you have to do is see the photos as well as watch the Highlight Reel from Jessica & Anthony’s day & you will be convinced! Sharing a private moment to just take in all that was going on caused a flood of emotions to come over the couple! As Anthony stood anxiously awaiting his bride as we snapped a few torturous portraits, Jessica inched closer to him waiting for the go ahead to run to her groom!

Once standing across from his bride, Anthony gazed into Jessica’s eyes & you could see a peace fall on her. Storybooks & movies cannot capture the moment of calm that happens when your eyes lock on your soul mate! Jessica took one big breath & you could tell she knew her place was with Anthony & she would never have to worry again!


All of our couples have unique stories & Jessica & Anthony are no different! We asked Jessica what the biggest thing she was looking forward to about her wedding day! She said, “I am looking forward to savoring every moment of our special day, & at the end of it, being able to call Anthony my husband!” Anthony told us, “I cannot wait to watch Jessica walk down the aisle knowing I will have her heart for the rest of our lives.”


To see Jessica & Anthony’s gorgeous engagement photos & read the story of how they fell in love, see their engagement post: HERE

Video Highlight Reel:

Enjoy Jessica & Anthony’s Story as their love unfolds!

More Info:

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