Gilcrease Museum Engagement Photos || Tulsa, OK. || Joe & Amanda

Gilcrease Museum Engagement Photos || Tulsa, OK. || Joe & Amanda

Gilcrease Museum Engagement Photos:

With so many amazing spots in Tulsa, OK to steal an intimate moment, you truly can’t go wrong with Gilcrease Museum! Taking Gilcrease Museum Engagement Photos provides so many different options that will thrill you! You will be able to fill your walls with diversity & charm!

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Joe & Amanda:

We could waste a lot of words writing about how amazing Joe & Amanda are! Just looking at their Engagement Photos will show you the passion they have for each other, but we will let them tell you themselves:

So how did you guys first meet?

Amanda: “One night while in college, 2 of my sorority sisters & I decided to have a wine night at our house (AKA the Trap House). As we were casually sipping wine on our roof, laughing at all the other drunk people walking home from the bars that night, we were basically cat called by a group of guys from below. Turns out, I knew one of them so we invited them up to the roof with us. Once we made it through the tiny window & passed around the wine to our new group of friends, Joe was looking like a snack & caught my attention. I decided to put on my big girl panties, mustered up the courage, & made my move. And by made my move I mean me getting nervous & just saying “so what’s your major?” out of habit. 

However, my nervousness proved to be of help because we talked about school/research/nerdy things for about 2 or 3 hours that night. I found out that he was doing research with cardiovascular fluid dynamics & I instantly felt myself go from 😃 to 🤓😍. I was internally screaming. FINALLY a hot guy that is also smart, determined, & loves cardiology just as much as me.”

Joe: “Amanda was on the roof of her house, (the trap house),with her roommates. After exchanging some words from the ground, I ended up on the roof with them. After hours of bonding with Amanda on the roof, walking down the street to get a famous durty curty (the curty shack ended up being closed), & jumping in a mound of sand in a nearby frat sand volleyball pit, I walked her home. Then, she walked me to my friends house (because she wanted to spend more time with me), & I walked her home again (because I wanted to spend more time with her 😉) where we added each other on facebook standing on the sidewalk under a streetlight. We didn’t talk again until she sent me a pick-up line to get my number – A”Hey did I tell you I’m writing a book?”, J”No, what about?”, A”It’s a phonebook & it’s missing your number”.

The Proposal:

Amanda: “Oh my word, let me tell you. I still get chills thinking about that day & how much thought he put into every little detail. In all honesty though, I was 50% sad & 50% upset that whole day right up until the second he popped the question. Joe thought it was funny to “fake propose” to me all the time. Which it was funny, but only the first couple of times. Then it started breaking my heart because I was so willing if he had been serious!”

Joe: “I had been planning the proposal for at least two months, & had the ring for about one month. I had butterflies the entire time & went through several ideas of how to do it. I ended up creating a video to show to her at the same place that we had the sorority formal night on November 18th. I told her we were going there for a couples fall photoshoot. The video started with a clip of me talking to her from my church, several clips of me going back to places that we had significant dates, three of her close friends saying nice things about her, & a timelapse of me going to the memorial site on the side of a road of her best friend (Lee) who passed away senior year of highschool, then cleaning it up with his mom.

When we got to the “photoshoot” , the photographer snapped a few pictures then lead us to the spot where we took our first picture ever together. She then told us she was going to go look at some “stuff”. As she went to hide, we sat down on a bench & I got out the video on my tablet to show to Amanda. The whole time she was in awe & I was a nervous wreck. After the video, she was still shocked & I pulled out a Bible with her first name & my last name engraved on the front. I then read a long note to her that I inscribed inside the cover. She was still in shock as I held her hand, twirled her over to the spot of our first picture & nervously fell down to one knee while trying to keep my composure.

After I asked her to marry me, I think her words were “What? Is this real?”, & I nervously asked “so will you?”. Then she squeezed me & I walked her inside the venue to “warm up”. When we got in she was surprised to see about 20 of our closest friends & family  waiting to congratulate us. I had sent them pictures of our entire relationship to hang up in the venue. I coordinated with my mom & Lee’s mom to create a memorial of Lee (a chair with his cowboy boots & picture). The first thing Amanda saw when entering the room was the memorial & she immediately said “those are his boots”, & I finally got the tears out of her. Right at that moment the family & friends poured out of their hiding spots to greet us!”

The Video:

Joe, being the loving man of God that he is, created a special video to help him propose to Amanda. He was gracious enough to share it with us so we could add it to their love story:

More Info:

We are so excited for August! Joe & Amanda are getting married at the RFC. Stay tuned for their wedding blog!

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