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Gilcrease Museum Engagement photos

Gilcrease Museum:

OK, let me just say Wow! I can even say it backwards……Wow! We shoot couples all over Oklahoma, (Capture their love by creating art through photos! Hey, where’s your mind at!?) & we frequent a lot of amazing locations, but man oh man, Gilcrease Museum is at the top! Like top of the ladder balancing on a flagpole top!

The first time we did a session there, we had no idea it was 460 acres in size! Full of lush gardens, flowers, trails, a breathtaking gazebo, & rich in American culture, Gilcrease Museum is a great place to plan your engagement session, bridal session, or simply learn about North American history! Be sure to bring your walking shoes! I got well over my daily steps during Erica & Chance’s session. :0) Slushy here I come!

 The museum has over 350,000 items in its collection so there’s always something to learn or see! According to the Gilcrease Museum website, “The art collection includes more than 12,000 paintings, drawings, prints, & sculptures by 400 artists from colonial times to the present.” 

We definitely recommend adding Gilcrease Museum to your list of options when planning your engagement session. If you’d like to know where else we recommend having your engagement session, see our post: Where to have your Engagement Session

Erica & Chance:

These two!! They are the cutest! Erica & Chance met at the dealership they both worked at. Erica worked in accounting & Chance in the parts department. Erica admits she liked Chance when they first met, but wasn’t looking for a relationship at the time. Chance, however, admits that when he saw the “hottie” in the accounting department he thought, “Man, she’s out of my league, better go back to work!”

So how do two people, who don’t think a relationship is in their future or even possible finally end up together in this crazy mixed up world? I’m glad you asked because we did!! Erica, how did you know Chance was your forever after? “He was just really supportive from the beginning. If I was unhappy with my job or stressed he would support me with whatever I needed. I’m really quiet & introverted & he was easy to talk to. He has this way of making me feel comfortable when I’m around him.”

Ok Chance, your turn bud, when did lightning strike for you!!? “Man, I’m just a simple guy at my core & it’s the little things I really appreciate. I remember about 3ish months into dating we went to Dave & Buster’s for one of my friends birthdays. She had just met my Mom & Kirk for the first time along with even more of my friends (who can be quite a bit to take in) & she just fit right in. Then, like an angel coming out of the bar, she walked up with a beer in her hand that she bought for me out of nowhere. I didn’t ask her to get me one or anything, she just walked up & had one in her hand. Like I said, it’s the little things & that was amazing! I had never been with anyone who had bought ME a beer.”

The Question Popped!:

Ok, ok, ok! How did it happen!!?? We all have to know! Give us all the details!

Erica: “I didn’t not expect the proposal at all. We had just gotten done moving in with each other. I was exhausted sitting in a chair when he asked. The proposal was funny at first. One thing I love about our relationship is how comfortable we are with each other. So when he started walking over & stuttering I knew something was up. I loved how it was just us in our new place. I was shocked after he asked, I didn’t expect if for a year or more.”

Chance: “I knew I was going to propose to her, & I knew how. I was going to wait until we finally got our own place that we had talked about for so long, then propose to her as a start to our new lives in our new place. I would like to think that I’m for the most part a pretty confident guy, & I’ve always been confident around Erica. Well, that night we finally got all of our stuff unpacked & I remember we were both completely exhausted. She sat down in our chair, in the corner, to rest for a second & I had the ring in my pocket ready to go. Remember that confidence I was talking about? It lasted until I was about 4 steps away from her & WHOOSH, I felt like I was a freshman in high school again. I started shaking, stuttering, & best of all COMPLETELY forgot what I was going to say to her. So I pretty much just winged it & awkwardly asked if she’d marry me. Thankfully she said yes!”

The Deets:

Erica & Chance will be joining lives later this year at the gorgeous Rick’s Place in Coweta, OK. Stay tuned for their Wedding portraits coming soon!

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