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gilcrease museum engagement photos

Christina & DJ:

Christina & DJ have had many grand adventures together! First as friends in highschool, Christina recalls, “We first met in freshman year of high school. We were both on the same friend group but he was a little more outgoing than I was. It was because of this we parted ways for a while. When we got to sophomore year we were really great friends, we shared a lot, we had lots of fun together running around owasso doing whatever high schoolers did in owasso. When graduation finally came, we both found each other to walk together. Little did we know it was foreshadowing our big walk down the big aisle! After He joined the US Marines, we kept in touch while he was away, writing letters & skype calls. When he came back for 2015 Christmas, It was  in the Oklahoma State Botanical Gardens that we told each other how long we liked each other. That Christmas Eve we shared our first kiss.”

DJ has served his country with honor, but has loved his girl even more! DJ says he knew Christina was his perfect match when they first kissed! He says she blushed & he knew she liked him! Christina told us she knew he was her forever after when he sent her his first letter from boot camp!

The Proposal:

OMGoshness DJ! Tell us how the proposal went down! Were you smooth? Did you have it planned out or was is spur of the moment!!?? The public must know!! “The proposal was well planned out, but it didn’t go as planned! We had a spot picked out & when we got there it was under construction so the whole family, (who was in on it) freaks out! Christina dragged me to a ride she was looking forward to while the rest of the family scouted out a new place. That ride was actually closed as well! Eventually, we found a spot in front of the castle that worked & we said we were taking a family picture. After taking it I said, ‘Let’s do one of just Christina & me!’ Then I dropped to one knee, opened the box (upside down), & proposed. The small crowd waiting for their pictures went crazy! In applause!”

How do you remember it Christina? “He made it especially romantic! We were celebrating Mickey’s not so scary Halloween &  were dressed up as Carl & Ellie from Up. We love that movie which is why we wanted balloon pics in our engagement session! He took me to the fireworks & then proposed in front of the castle. It was great, magical & a dream come true. I was nervous, but extremely happy because he’s my best friend.”

Gilcrease Museum:

Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma is one of our favorite places to capture some unique engagement photos or simply get lost in the surroundings to grab a candid shot! Also one of our favorites when it comes to Tulsa Wedding Venues, we love spending time here! See more of our sessions at this beautiful garden: HERE

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Christina & DJ joined their lives & families in September of 2017 at the gorgeous Springs Event Venue in Sperry, OK. To see their breathtaking Wedding Portraits as well as their Wedding Video Highlight Reel, see their Wedding Blog Post: Christina & DJ

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