Evening Engagement Photos || Tulsa, OK. || Emma & Kolby

There was not a specific moment that I knew she was the one. I like to say that I knew from the beginning!
Evening Engagement Photos

Evening Engagement Photos:

Evening Engagement Photos in Tulsa, Oklahoma are something you have to plan for! Once fall makes her appearance in all her glory, the days get shorter & the sun sets faster! If you’re not careful, you can turn around & miss a golden opportunity!

We love fall & shooting on a perfect evening! Downtown Tulsa has so many gorgeous locals to offer! Watching the sun crest behind the Tulsa Skyline is both breathtaking as well as humbling! Shooting Evening Engagement Photos can pay off big time if you plan properly & just have fun!

Emma & Kolby:

Kolby – Emma & I met at The University of Tulsa our sophomore year of college. As I sat across the room from Emma, I thought she had the prettiest smile knew immediately that I wanted to get to know her better. Then I pursued Emma for what seemed like a really long time. Finally, I asked her to my fraternity semi-formal & she said yes. I was so excited & tried to be the best date I could possibly be. After that point, we were inseparable!

So tell us! How did you know Kolby was “the one”!

Emma – I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with Kolby after he came to visit my family in Houston. I have three sisters & at the time I had three nephews under six months old. He was so nice to everyone & put in so much effort to help out my sisters. I love being with my family & being at home & seeing how much effort he put in to being with my family made me realize that I never wanted to leave his side.

Kolby when did you “know”?

Kolby – There was not a specific moment that I knew she was the one. I like to say that I knew from the beginning, because I feel like I did know. I knew that I wanted to be with her, it just took some time for her to realize that I was right for her.

All the Feels:

Tell us all about the Proposal! How did it happen!?

Emma – Kolby proposed at the Duchman Winery in Wimberley. I definitely knew it was coming, but had no idea how soon it was coming! As Kolby took me outside, I saw my sisters sprint behind a cement pole to try & hide to take pictures & I started getting really nervous. When Kolby started talking, I was so nervous that I don’t remember anything! However, when he bent down, I finally realized what was actually happening & was so excited. Most of my family was there & after I said yes, they had a pop-up picnic waiting for us with champagne & cake!

Kolby – I was very nervous. I was not nervous about her saying no, I was more nervous about letting the cat out of the bag on when it was happening. Her family had a small trip planned to Wimberley & I wanted to do it on the trip. The issue was the trip was two & a half weeks away from when I ordered the ring. Somehow the jewelers pulled it off & I talked to Emma’s sisters, who helped me set up a plan so I could Propose. I picked the ring up the day before we left on the trip & worried about having the ring with me the entire time. When I actually proposed, I don’t remember at all what I said & don’t even know if she said actually  yes. There was just so much excitement! I could not be happier!


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