Dreamy Engagement Photos|| Tulsa, OK. || Rachel & Aaron

Dreamy Engagement Photos

Dreamy Engagement Photos:

Everyone dreams of Dreamy Engagement Photos! That can mean so many different things! In our style, we view Dreamy Engagement Photos as as sun flares shining behind our couple, soft & airy editing, & a feel of love that draws you in. Whether you are in a park setting or a more downtown urban setting, capturing Dreamy Engagement Photos is totally Possible.

Rachel & Aaron chose to have us capture their Dream Engagement Photos at the beautiful Centennial Park in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As Premier Tulsa Engagement Photographers, we spend time getting to know them & figuring out what they wanted. The words, “Dreamy” & “Timeless” immediately came to our minds! Even though Rachel is full of style & sass, her soft smile & loving looks at Aaron makes their session perfect!

We asked both Aaron & Rachel what one thing they loved about each other was & their answers show why this couple is one of our favs this year!!

Rachel: “There are honestly a million things that I love about him, but to keep it short, I love how he can always make me laugh & how dedicated he is in loving me & creating a beautiful life for us!”

Aaron: “Rachel’s unrelenting positiveness & pure, raw, unselfish love.” 

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Rachel & Aaron:

Rachel: “We first met at The Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Catoosa. My uncle plays in a band & they do shows all over Tulsa. My mom wanted me to go out with her to see them play but I wasn’t really in the mood. After lots of convincing, she got me out of the house. I remember standing there just watching my mom & her friend dance, minding my own business, when I turned around & saw him walking in. I thought, ‘UM, did the man of my DREAMS just walk in??!’ I turned to my mom & said, ” Mom! Look! Turn around, look at this guy!!” He came up & ordered a drink next to me, then sat down at one of the booths where I could still be in his view. I could not stop looking over at him.

I turned my back to talk to my mom, then all of the sudden she says, ” Oh my gosh, Rachel! He’s coming over here!! Here he comes, turn around!” So I did & from there we talked for the rest of the night! We discovered we had A TON in common, & not normal things that people usually find, but very like, out of this world, “WHAT?” kind of things. It was just an instant connection. He asked for my number & after leaving I immediately texted him! I could not wait, I had to talk to him more!”

Aaron: “I meandered into the Hard Rock by my lonely self one night, intending to just have a quiet drink & listen to some live music. I had no idea I would encounter the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. As I approached the lounge area, I spotted her elegant posture as she faced away & immediately thought, ‘She must not be from Oklahoma.’ Turns out her parents were, but she was born in Colorado. Although floored by an unusual shyness, I knew I could not miss the opportunity to speak to Rachel. We wound up speaking for what seemed like forever, & the rest has been the epitome of bliss.”

The Proposal:

Rachel: “Haha, I will never forget the proposal! So it was on Christmas day, & my family was going to come over before we went to my Aunt’s house for dinner. I was in the bathroom getting ready, curling my hair. He comes in & tells me that he found another present for me that he forgot about (we opened each others presents earlier). So I was like, ” Oh really! Where is it?” He tells me he just put it in my stocking. So I say, “Alright, cool!” then continued to do my hair. He stands there & goes, “Well are you going to come open it?”-“Oh yeah, of course, let’s go!” So I walk out to the living room, half of my hair is done, the other half was half parted ready to be curled, I looked ridiculous. So I pull out this box out of my stocking, & it looks like it could be a necklace or a bracelet box so obviously, I didn’t expect a ring. I opened it & BAM! Hello, gorgeous it’s a ring! I look up at him with this surprised look on my face, my stupid hair, & tears in my eyes & he kneels & proposes!

Before I said yes, I first asked him if he was serious & if it was for real & he said, “Rachel, you have the ring in your hand! YES, this is real!!” I bawled & said yes! I had no idea it was coming!”

Aaron: “Originally I had intended to propose to her on her birthday, but at the last minute I decided that although Christmas day was a couple weeks before that, I couldn’t wait any longer. Usually I am smooth & Mr. Romantic, but for our proposal I was cheesy & impulsive….albeit I had been planning to propose for 6 months. It wound up being perfect!” 😊

More Info:

We are so excited for Rachel & Aaron’s wedding coming this August at the breathtaking White House Mansion!  Stay tuned for their wedding blog!

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