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downtown tulsa engagement photos

Jeffery & Hailey:

From quoting movies, to breaking into show tunes, the afternoon with Jeffery & Hailey was exciting to say the least! This couple is a blast to be around! We knew from the moment we met them at the Tulsa OKBride Bridal show, that we HAD to work with them! Jeffery & Hailey met in college at NEO A&M! Jeffery was a sophomore & Hailey a freshman. With Hailey being a vocal major & Jeffery being an administrative  assistant for the music department, it seems fate & destiny drew them together!

Like all of the couples we have the pleasure of working with, Jeffery & Hailey are head over heels in love, but what makes them special is the how silly they are as well. In the words of Jessica Rabbit, Hailey will tell you, “He makes me laugh!!” This was evident during the entire day! If we asked Jeffery to make Hailey laugh, all he had to do was whisper in her ear & the couple starting giggling together! Hailey also has the ability to stare Jeffery down! The lovebirds tooks turns competing in a “serious look” staring contest which caused even more laughter!

When we asked Jeffery & Hailey how they each knew the other was their “Forever After”, they both had different but equally touching responses. Hailey explains, “I knew about a year into our relationship that he was the one! I had never had such a deep connection with anyone. It was the day that I told him about a situation from my past. I had never told anyone what I told him that day & instead of pushing me away, he understood, & he gave me resources to help heal my broken heart. That’s when I knew he loved me, & I loved him.”

Jeffery brings a different explanation, “I’m very picky. I had thought about dating other girls, but every time something would show itself as big NO! So, from the beginning, I had a strong feeling that she could be the one. The first few months were hard. We argued all the time; literally every conversation ended in an argument, but I saw that we could build a great life together. I knew when we began to work through our differing opinions & upbringings that we would could make it last successfully & happily.”

The Proposal:

Jeffery & Hailey share not only a love for theatre & musical arts, but also share a strong faith in Christ! It was this faith that led Jeffery to propose to his future bride at their church. Hailey describes the proposal, “I had no clue that he was proposing that day! He told me that he had spoken to my father… But, if you know Jeff, you know he likes to play pranks on people so I honestly thought that was another one. The day he proposed, he dressed nicely (he told me we were taking photos for his parents Christmas card) & we did a lot of my favorite things like antique shopping, going to some of my favorite stores, etc. I honestly thought he was just being super sweet! After we went to church we went to “the oval” (which is a side meeting place at church) where all of our friends were waiting & he said ‘So there’s a reason I dressed up today’ with a mischievous grin on his face & then got down on one knee. Surprised? Let’s just say I had to be held up by two friends so I wouldn’t faint…!”

Jeffery recalls, “I asked her dad about a week after christmas, then I went & bought the ring later that week. I convinced her to come to church one weekend, & then asked her. However, we lost the ring right before! I had left it in the car, unlocked, for a friend to grab on the way into church. She then put it in her diaper bag & checked it into the nursery. My friend, Gabi, was to go get the ring & sneak it back to me, but she was taking longer than expected & all the pastors were getting antsy. So I went to go find Gabi, she told me she had given it to her mother… So then I had to find her mom so I could get the ring back! I had the speech all planned out, but I’m fairly certain I threw it to the wind. I WAS FREAKING OUT! I was so nervous! I barely ate all day.”

More Info:

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Jeffery & Hailey will join hands & lives at the gorgeous Coleman Theatre in Miami, OK in January 2018! Stay tuned for their gorgeous wedding photos!

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