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Downtown OKC Engagement Photos

Downtown OKC Engagement Photos:

Downtown Oklahoma City is full of culture, charm, & history! Your Downtown OKC Engagement Photos will be nothing short of breathtaking! Whether you choose the intimate riverwalk in Bricktown, the gorgeous Myriad botanical gardens, or somewhere along the streets of downtown, OKC does not disappoint.

So many couples want a more urban feel to their Engagement Session, especially if they are choosing a more rustic or nature themed wedding venue. Doing Engagement Photos in Downtown OKC provides options for not only an urban look, but hints of nature as well.

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Emilee & Cole:

Emilee & Cole’s love story starts in the little town of Shawnee, Oklahoma! Emilee was attending OBU & Cole has just moved back home after graduation from OSU. As fate would have it, they were both at the same hangout one night when Emilee spotted Cole from across the room. Determined to talk to him, she walked right up & asked him to buy her a drink! Emilee explains, “Surprisingly he did! We met the next day for coffee, (Hot chocolate for me) for our first official date! I honestly don’t know if there was a specific moment for me when I knew he was the one, more like lots of little moments. I first thought Cole might be the one when he asked me to be his girlfriend a little while after we had started dating. I had originally told him I wasn’t looking to really start dating anyone, I was trying to work on myself, but he convinced me to go on one date & then another. One night we had stayed up late talking & something in my heart just told me he was the one. He would do sweet things for me, like take my car to be washed & bring it back with fudge & a rose on the dashboard. All those little moments just made me think he was the one for me!”

Cole: “The night we met was by far the second greatest night of my life! I knew she was the one on our first Valentine’s Day together, she wrote me a really thoughtful card that I cherish to this day. One thing I love most about her is her honesty & faithfulness. She is such a person of integrity. She strives to do the right thing & always tries to help other people. I also love her creative side & her romantic side. Its so cute when she gets excited about something or when she writes notes & puts them in my suitcase. She’s very thoughtful. “

The Proposal:

“I was so excited to propose!” Cole told us excitedly! “I had planned it for about 6 weeks. I wanted to do something special for her that she wouldn’t see coming. I wanted to surprise her with it & do something out of the ordinary. So, I enlisted the help of our friends Zach & Jess, & we flew to Denver & I proposed!”

“So I kind of knew it would be coming soon.” Emilee admits, “He wanted to run a race in Denver with some friends, & he was really pushing me to take time off for this trip. He even threatened to call my boss & ask for the time off himself lol.We had also been ring shopping together a few times. So we go to Denver for these races, I ran a 5k on Saturday & he was running the half-marathon on Sunday. He had been talking about wanting to go to the zoo a lot, & I was just thinking, ‘what is with the zoo, why does he want to go so bad?’ After his race, we got all cleaned up & made dinner reservations at Bistro Vendome in Larimer Square. The restaurant was adorable & the food was good, but Larimer Square was amazingly beautiful! The trees & bushes were wrapped with lights & lights were strung over the entire area. (Cole knows lights are one of my favorite things). After we had finished eating dinner, we left the restaurant & walked into a cute courtyard, covered in lights again. Our friends started to walk away, & as I started to follow them, Cole pulled me aside. He said, ‘We didn’t just come to Denver to run a race, we came so I could give you my heart.’ He asked me to marry him, & of course I said, ‘yes!!’ I was so excited to finally get to marry the man I had been waiting for! The man of my dreams!”

More Info:

We are so excited for October! Emilee & Cole are getting married at the dreamy Springs Event Center in Sperry, OK! Stay tuned for their wedding blog!

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