Camp Loughridge Wedding Photos || Tulsa, OK. || Natalee & Chris

Camp Loughridge:

Even on a wet, rainy day, Camp Loughridge in Tulsa, Oklahoma was the perfect place for Natalee & Chris to join lives! Camp Loughridge covers 186 acres & is operated by a year round staff for both weddings, receptions & as well as summer camps & other ministries! From the beautiful Chapel to the gorgeous reception hall, Camp Loughridge provides each couple with more than just a place to get married, they give an experience you’ll remember for years to come!

Natalee & Chris:

Let’s talk about the cutest couple ever! We already know from their gorgeous Engagement Session that they fell in love in college together! We’ve told many love stories for each of our couples, but we can’t help but smile when it comes to Chris & Natalee. From the moment they each arrived at Camp Loughridge, you could tell they were excited! Natalee tried her best to keep a calm look on her face, but all of her sisters & friends could tell she was bursting with joy! Christ played it cool with him brothers in arms while getting ready, but he had a smile on his face that screamed he was ready to see his girl!

We asked both Chris & Natalee to name one thing they love about each other! Their answers bring smiles to our faces! Natalee, “Oh goodness, that’s a hard question! I love how passionate Chris is! He’s so passionate about everything he does, he never does anything halfway. Whether it’s his relationship with God, working 96 hours a week, studying for hours on end in nursing school, or all the ways that he loves me!” Ok Chris, top that! “That’s a hard question, I don’t know where to start. If I have to pick one thing, I would have to say how sweet, loving, & kind hearted that she is. She compliments my fast paced, sometimes rough edges. We also have the same passion in that we’ve both aspired to be in the medical field our entire life. I love how we share the same interests, it makes loving her that much easier!”

Their First-Look\Non-First-Look:

Grab your tissues, because you’ll need them. We have ours so we’ll wait…….ok, now, Natalee & Chris decided not to have a first look before their ceremony. They decided to wait to see each other until natalee walked down the aisle, but this quickly changed for Natalee. As the two decided to pray together behind a column & read personal notes they had written, Natalee decided she had to hug this man she was about to marry! Forcing Chris to keep his eyes shut, Natalee embraced her man in one of the most beautiful first-look\non first-looks we have every been a part of.

Highlight Reel:

Captured moments last forever! As part of their Diamond Label Collection, Chris & Natalee get to experience their memories any time they want! Their Highlight Reel is full of love & laughter!

The Team:

We work with some amazing vendors! Natalee & Chris had an incredible team of people who came together to give them the fairy tale wedding they dreamed of! See their information below to inquire about services for your day!

Premier Wedding Photography Team: My Treasured Memories Photography

Premier Wedding Videography Team:  My Treasured Memories

Venue: Camp Loughridge

DJ: Lions Road

More Info:

We only book a certain number of Premier Weddings & Engagements each year to make sure we focus on our Couples. Reserve your date TODAY! Have peace of mind knowing your memories will be captured perfectly!

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