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Bricktown Engagement Photo

Bricktown OKC:

Visitors to Oklahoma City, OK will tell you, you must visit Bricktown & all is has to offer! From restaurants, clubs, events, & much more, it is the hub for all things OKC! Founded just days after the land run of 1889, it connected the state & country through Railroads, riverways, & interstate highways, etc. Now a thriving & renewed district, Bricktown offers every visitor an experience to be cherished!

Tiffany & Eli:

Tiffany & Eli met under interesting circumstances. Having met at a baseball game, Tiffany’s boyfriend at the time introduced them, they did not like each other at all. Tiffany explains that it wasn’t until the next year when they had a class together that they begin to hit it off, talk, & spend time together on weekends. It’s interesting to chat with Tiffany & Eli because you can get a sense of their goofiness as well as their cute love for each other!

Eli claims Tiffany kept asking him out until she finally wore him down, but when you see how he looks at his future bride, you can tell he’s wrapped around her finger! Tiffany says she knew Eli was the one for her through comforting her & her mother at her brother’s gravesite!


If you question Eli’s romantic side or his love for Tiffany for even a second, all you need to do is ask how he proposed to his bride to be & you’ll immediately know the truth. Eli chose to take Tiffany back to the softball field where the couple had shared their first kiss a year earlier! Tiffany was filled with excitement & joy as he got down on one knee & proclaimed, “You told me to propose at the first place I knew I loved you, I’ve loved you from day one.”



Tiffany & Eli will say their “I dos” at the gorgeous Thunderbird Chapel in Norman, OK this fall! Stay tuned for their gorgeous wedding pictures as well as their Video Highlight reel!

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