Bohemian Style Engagement Photos || Tulsa, OK. || Isaac & Nicole

"Lets just say was an adventure to get where we were, but I will never forget that three letter word that changed my life forever."
Bohemian Style Engagement Photos

Bohemian Style Engagement Photos:

Bohemian Style Engagement Photos are always a favorite of ours! We love soft & flowy fabrics! Dresses that flow in the wind offer some amazing portraits! Whether spring or fall, having the classic “Boho” style in your session will provide you with some amazing memories!

Isaac & Nicole love the exotic, free flowing look of the “Boho” style which is why they not only wanted their Bohemian Style Engagement Photos to be special, but they are also going with a very “Boho-chic” style in their wedding!

Isaac & Nicole:

Nicole – We met through a mutual friend when we went out to celebrate my 21st birthday. My best friend Courtney convinced Isaac to be our DD & drive us around all night. We ended up spending the whole night sitting at a table talking to each other in the middle of a crowded bar full of people.

Isaac – One night on my way home from the gym, I got a text from a friend asking if I would like to go downtown with her & her friend. Long story short, I got roped into driving them around. Later on, one of my buddies tried to make a move on Nicole & I just had to swoop in & save her! The rest is history.


All the Feels:

Nicole – We planned a cruise to the Caribbean for our anniversary, & I had a suspicion Isaac would propose, because he knew how special the trip was for me! He threw me off on purpose, telling me a few weeks before the cruise that he was “going to propose” in Mexico, but there was something wrong with the ring. So I definitely wasn’t expecting it!

He did it on the shore of a private beach in Cozumel & only got out a few sentences before he started crying, which obviously made me cry. It was the best day of my life!

Isaac – The proposal was all I wanted it to be. We had planned a cruise for the end of May & I knew the past Christmas that she was the one. After hearing she may know about it, I purposely through her off by telling her I couldn’t afford the ring & I was so madly in love with her that I was gonna propose on the cruise. As stunned as she was I think I played it off perfectly. I had it in my head the perfect time and place. Cozumel. Nicole won’t tell you this, but her second favorite thing besides me is the beach.

As we left the ship I was all kinds of nervous & didn’t know if my speech was good enough & if she would say “yes”, “no” or even “we’ll see”. We arrived to the beach & I tried to play it cool. I started by telling her how many days, hours & minutes we had been together. I got down on one knee, got out about 2 sentences & started to cry. Lets just say this…it was an adventure to get where we were, but I will never forget that three letter word that changed my life forever.

Isaac & Nicole are getting married at the simply gorgeous Greenleaf Barn in Broken Arrow, OK. We cannot wait for their day!

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